Ancona 04/10/2022 – The WellDone project and the experimentation of VR2Care, two projects aimed at the elderly followed by the home assistance service, start in October

The Municipality of Falconara promotes COOSS projects at the service of the elderly in the area: a virtual gym in which to socialize with peers through your avatar and be followed by a personal trainer, weekly outings at the stables, meetings with psychologists and operators to tell about the own history and perhaps discover hidden talents. This is what the ‘VR2Care’ and ‘WellDone’ projects foresee, which will involve some elderly people followed by the municipal home assistance service.

The projects were presented this morning, Tuesday 4 October. The presentation was introduced by the mayor Stefania Signorini, flanked by the deputy mayor Raimondo Mondaini, by the manager Alberto Brunetti and by the contact person for the elderly area of ​​the Municipality Nicoletta Baroni. Cooss Marche was represented by the president Diego Mancinelli, by Sabrina Moro, manager of the operational headquarters in Ancona, by Francesca Cesaroni and Romina Boraso, from the research and training department, who arrived together with all the staff who collaborated on the project.

Article appeared in News Italy 24 on October 4 2022